Emma Rose Thatcher Over Dress

Over Dress, a Destination for Curated Fashion and Effortless Style

Led by Emma Rose Thatcher, Over Dress is your go-to resource for mastering your unique style code.

At Over Dress, Emma shares her approach to style, helping you navigate trends and create a wardrobe that makes a maximum impact effortlessly. She leads the conversation with a styling mindset when choosing outfits, ensuring each piece resonates with your lifestyle and authentic self.

Emma’s 17 years working in the industry shape her taste-making and intuitive, curated approach to fashion. Her previous roles as a stylist for editorial and commercial campaigns and as a fashion contemporary buyer trained her eye to discover new trends with a considered edit. Emma has taken this knowledge, sharing and building a community on her online platform, creating content for over ten years.

Dress Notes

  1. Mood – curated inspiration on how to dress for your lifestyle over fleeting trends
  2. Edit – access essential checklists and insights for crafting your signature wardrobe
  3. Look – multiple ways to wear/restyle your favourite pieces for timeless, reinvented looks

Style Philosophy

The Over Dress styling philosophies I return to in order to make dressing easier.

Sliding Scale – Working with your current wardrobe to adapt to the occasion, evolving the look to reflect your lifestyle and the event, and focusing on your unique style

What I Am Craving – How to navigate trends and outside influences; lean into what resonates and excites you but remain authentic to your unique style to avoid a disjointed wardrobe with seemingly nothing to wear

Irony In An Outfit – Irony and proportions play a huge part in how I build my outfits. If an outfit feels off, it’s often unbalanced. Switching up an element, such as an accessory or texture, or being playful with proportions, will create a more intuitive approach to dressing.

Go-Tos VS. Must-Haves (70/30) – You need balance in your wardrobe to create outfits, and for me, it’s all about the mix. Dedicate 70% to your go-to pieces, those foundational items you turn to daily. Reserve 30% for must-haves, those special pieces that make your heart sing and infuse your style with personality

Same But Different – Fashion and styling are a constant conversation and ever-evolving. Have a fashion mindset, not a copy-and-paste approach. Learn how to be inspired and make it work for you.

Align With Your Style – When an outfit has each of these elements Effortless, Elevated, and an Edge is when I feel my best. If an outfit feels off, I check what’s missing or play with the ratios.