The Holiday Wardrobe

Unpacking the packing process

I recently went on a trip to Southeast Asia, I’m sharing my packing process of how I planned and prepped for the trip, starting, as always, by creating a vibe for where I was going using a moodboard

Holiday wardrobe Over Dress

Where I’m going?

I know It’s going to be hot and humid, so I’m thinking linen co-ord’s, simple dresses and oversized shirts with boxer style shorts. First, I’ll go into my wardrobe and work out what I’ve got before going out and buying anything new.

I like to create a colour palette so what I pack can be mixed and matched, I’m away for three weeks and doing a lot of travelling around so this way I can wear pieces in multiple ways and won’t get bored of my looks.

What I’m going to be doing?

Sightseeing, walking, nice dinners and relaxing, no heels will be needed. I’ll pack a few pairs of Ancient Greek Sandals and my Birkenstocks. I won’t need a jacket but a linen shirt will come in handy to layer. I won’t be needing many pool cover-up’s, more tailored shorts and tank tops so I’ll pack my gold jewellery, belts and a straw hat to style my outfits. I want to feel comfortable and at ease when travelling around so won’t be packing anything too fussy.

I refer to my mood-boards when I go into my wardrobe to pull out pieces for my trip. Where I can, I like to include pieces I wear all year round, to help keep my holiday style grounded, and not create a whole new look- an oversized shirt, blazers and slip skirts, will all work for my trip and are clothes I feel myself in.

How do I want to feel?

Just like when I get dressed at home, I want to feel my best when I’m travelling. I no longer keep things ‘just for holiday.’ That box filled with pieces that you wouldn’t dream of wearing at home but will do for holiday is a sure way to not make you feel your best. The goal with my moodboards is to create a suitcase filled with pieces I feel good in so when I land I can truly go off-duty without overthinking what I wear and get dressed with minimal effort.

I didn’t need much for this trip but ordered a Deiji Studios set, a Faithfull the Brand linen co-ord and some gold Sophie Buhai hoop earrings, plus a few bits from Free People.

What’s The Inspiration?

I’m loving yellow tones this summer, team with statement black for impact

I’m also drawn to polka dots, florals and greens

I’m creating a tonal holiday wardrobe with browns, beiges and linen separates

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